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"Make the time and invest in the art of public speaking. It would be a long-lasting investment that stands you in good stead going forward. "

- Lynn Baker

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Public Speaking Coaching


Mastering the art of public speaking and delivering dynamic business presentations is a vital element of developing Executive Presence

Mastering the art of public speaking and delivering dynamic business presentations is a vital element of developing Executive Presence. Whether it is delivering results at a board meeting, a business presentation to clients or a speech at an annual convention, the time you are on the platform is the time you are judged the most. Take the time to invest in the art of public speaking, below is an outline of the Public Speaking coaching offered by Executive Presence.

Coaching can be delivered either one-on-one for Executives or for a maximum of 8 delegates in a group.

Coaching can be delivered over one full day, or alternatively split into 2 x 3 hours sessions and includes the following:


Planning a Professional Presentation:      3 x hour session
  • Begin with the end in mind!
  • Identify audience profile
  • Identify objectives and specific outcomes
  • Consolidate content into key points
  • Formulate key points into a framework
  • Add relevant graphics / video / multimedia
  • Combine content and with relevant slides
  • Create a time line for the presentation
  • Create a relevant theme or ‘Roadmap’
  • Add relevant success stories
  • Add acronyms, anecdotes, stories and quotes
  • Create questions to keep the audience engaged
  • The pros and cons on using online links

Public Speaking Delivery Skills:

Practical session during which clients deliver a presentation that is filmed and played back for immediate feedback and coaching.

Clients are requested to bring a presentation they have done in the past, or one they are about to do in the near future, which is used as the training material.

  • Create a ‘Big Bang’ memorable opening
  • Create a conversation with the audience
  • Eliminate monologues and talking ‘at’ the audience
  • Audience engagement techniques
  • Eye contact - the most powerful engagement tool
  • Poise – appearing to be in control
  • Posture and stance – own the room
  • Eliminate pacing and nervous gestures
  • Body Language, hand gestures and movements
  • Vocal pace and voice projection
  • The Sounds of Silence – pausing for impact
  • Fear of Public Speaking – techniques to manage nerves


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