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Lynn Baker is an Executive Presence and Business Image Consultant, a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, a Professional Speaker and successful Businesswoman.

Lynn has a varied background that spans corporate companies and entrepreneurship, giving her a unique understanding of the complexities of both worlds. Having started out as a Sales Rep in Cape Town, she quickly rose to the rank of Head of International Corporate Sales for a global company in London. Subsequently, she sold luxury property in the Caribbean, started a highly successful Speakers Bureau in Johannesburg and more recently, completed a 10 year contract with the Tsogo Sun Group to manage Montecasino Corporate Events.

In addition to her many years of business experience, Lynn continued to invest in her knowledge. In 2006 she attended the Disney Institute - ‘Quality Customer Service’ programme in Disneyworld, Florida. Thereafter, she attended an extensive training programme with Professor Ron Arden from San Diego, the guru of Speaker coaches worldwide. More recently, Lynn qualified as a ‘Certified World Class Speaking Coach’ from World Class Speakers USA and an Image Consultant from Colourworks International.

In 2010 Lynn returned to her passion of Public Speaking and started Eloquence Group, a company that specialises in coaching executives in the art of dynamic Public Speaking. It was while she was training executives in Public Speaking that she became interested in Executive Presence, a term used to describe the x-factor in business. After 5 years of researching the fascinating concept of Executive Presence, Lynn has developed an Executive Presence model that illustrates what makes up this elusive concept and assists professionals to develop it.

Lynn spends much of her time delivering speeches at conferences and corporate events on developing Presence, understanding impression management and developing powerful personal brands. Lynn also Coaches many of South Africa’s top Management and CEO’s on increasing Executive Presence and delivering dynamic business presentations.

During her fascinating conference presentations, Lynn uses examples of people who exude Executive Presence such as Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey and shares some of the secrets that made them great. Practical examples of how a powerful posture, subtle body language, professional dress, active listening and the psychology of colour can increase personal and professional brand equity, are just some of the lessons that will be learned.

Emira Property Fund

I have worked with Emira Property Fund for 5 years on their Financial Results presentations and they were recently awarded 'the best financial presentation for 2017' by the Investment Analysts Society.

I am proud to be associated to this winning team of inspiring individuals.



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