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CXGeneration: Beyond Service to Customer Experience

"A positive high profile adds massive credibility to any organisation and in turn attracts high quality customers, staff and even investors."

- Lynn Baker

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Customer Experience is not a department – Customer Experience is a company culture!

Customer Experience is acknowledged as being the key point of competitive differentiation for future success and during this fast paced and fascinating presentation, Lynn Baker shares what customer experience is, why we need it and how we get it!

Customer Experience is often confused with customer service; yet there is a vast difference.

Customer Service is defined as: - the assistance and advice provided by a company to people who buy or use their products or services’.

Customer Experience is defined as: - the total interaction, from start to finish, between an organization and a customer.

Customer Experience encompasses every touch point a customer uses to interact with your company or your brand, whether it be by phone, email, website, retail outlet, call centre, social media or sales representative. The experience customers receive from each and every one of these touch points, will determine the future success of any company.

Highlighting the 6 fundamental demands of today’s savvy and sophisticated customers, Lynn shares how successful global brands such as Disney, Apple and many others are using customer experience innovations and technology to attract new customers, retain current customers and create brand advocacy.

However, fulfilling these demands is only one segment of delivering great customer experience. Fundamental to the success of any customer strategy, requires that leadership shift their focus from purely driving profit to placing customers at the centre of strategy. Finally, and more importantly is the critical aspect of employee engagement, without which, no company or customer experience strategy can survive.

Creating a customer-centric business that focuses on driving better customer experience is not easy and it’s not quick, but it is critical in achieving success in today’s highly competitive markets. This presentation is designed to shift the thinking of the audience about the role they play in the customer experience journey and what contribution they can make to ensure its success.

The 6 key demands of today’s tech savvy customers include:-
  • Convenience
  • Customisation
  • Customer Service & CRM
  • Cost & value
  • CSI / Social Responsibility
  • Customer Engagement

Customer Experience – Non-negotiables
  • Shift in strategy focus from profit to customers
  • Employee engagement


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